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Fishing on Beautiful Lake Sara, Effingham Illinois



Lake sara is located in Effingham County, Illinois. This lake is 800+ acres in size. It is 55.00 feet deep at its deepest point. Anglers can expect to catch a variety of fish including Black Crappie, Bluegill, Carp, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Walleye, White Crappie, and Yellow Bullhead. 

Lake Sara Fish Species

Black Crappie


Channel Catfish

Largemouth Bass


Other Names : speckled perch, calico bass, grass bass, speckled bass, strawberry bass, oswego bass, sacalait, barfish, crawpie, bachelor perch, papermouth, shiner, moonfish; French: marigane noire

Spawning: Black crappie reproduction is similar to the white crappie. Spawning takes place in late April and May when water temperature reaches about 56°F. The male fans out a depression with his caudal fin in 3-10 feet of water. Female white crappie enter the spawning area and deposit their eggs in one or more of the nests, which are immediately fertilized by the male fish. The number of eggs in a crappie nest is variable, but a nest can hold up to 20,000. It is practically impossible to distinguish the males from the females, even just before spawning.

Angling Methods: The black crappie is considered an excellent game fish when taken on light tackle. Extreme care must be taken in landing these fish because their mouths are very tender. Anglers specializing in catching black crappie know that to be successful the bait must be kept constantly moving. The best baits are small minnows, small maribou-covered jigs, plastic minnows, or small streamer flies cast along the outer edges of weed beds. The crappie lies in weed beds in deep water during the day and bite best in early morning or toward evening. In summer, with the abundance of small fish for feed, they are more difficult to catch. Small minnows are used as bait in winter.