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Effingham, Illinois is rich in History!

The city of Effingham was originally called Broughton, named after a Mr. Brough, an Ohio man who helped bring the Vandalia Railroad to Effingham. David B. Alexander and Samuel W. Little recorded the city’s plat in 1853. The city and county are named after Edward Effingham, a British surveyor who worked for W.L.D. Ewing, a former general in the Illinois militia. The Illinois Central Railroad was completed to Effingham in 1854. The current courthouse was completed in 1872 in the Second Empire style, since the first courthouse had burned in 1869. The courthouse becomes the Effingham County and National Road Museum in 2007 or 2008. Effingham is located in Douglas Township.

In Pop Culture


Notable People

Radio comedians Bob and Tom produced a segment on their national radio show, poking fun at the "Effing" portion of the name Effingham. Created as a fake advertisement for Illinois, the announcer talks about getting "Effing steaks, Effing burgers, going Effing crazy," etc. Effingham has been brought up on several portions of this show discussing the large cross located just off I-57 in the city. Bob Kevoian, co-host, described Effingham as the "Gateway" to his in-laws. 

Ben Fold's album Way to Normal includes a track that was inspired while driving by Effingham, although the song refers to the city as "Effington".

Jason Koos book, Man on Extremely Small Island, has as its first poem "Swearing by Effingham," and includes many plays on the name of the city.